Climate Change Climate change, also called global warming, refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth.

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    blissed bitch 12 mins ago

    RT @billmckibben: NYT: Trump is robbing us of the time we have left to fight climate change--time we will never get back…

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    13 mins ago World Audience

    This is why? I backed Pres Trump + trade & MSM bias...But...I am writing ~ "climate change" now. It IS a hoax!! Was…

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    Hannah 12 mins ago

    RT @elizabethforma: Climate change is real & we have a moral obligation to protect the planet so kids can breathe the air & drink the water…

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    Erik Blad 12 mins ago

    RT @Poynter: #ICYMI ‘You’re doing a disservice’: Bill Nye rips CNN for having climate change skeptic on

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    13 mins ago #ReSisters #DemForce

    RT @ThePrezIsInsane: Watch Bill Nye blast CNN on air for pitting him against climate change skeptic. via @slate

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    Laura???? 12 mins ago

    RT @SenGillibrand: We only have one earth, so let's keep fighting for it—from protecting our air and water to combatting climate change. Ha…

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    13 mins ago Population+1

    RT @AdamSchiffCA: Today, I march for science. Facts matter -- the earth is round, and climate change is real. Hope you'll join this fight.…

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